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Impregnated Coring Bits

D-Series Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

Impregnated Coring Bits D Series Drill Bit Impregnated Coring Bits HR Series Drill Bit

The Drillshop supplies the Dimatec D-Series range of impregnated diamond matrices with matrix layer metal bonds that range from hard, abrasion resistant types to soft, ductile types. In general, a hard, abrasion resistant matrix such as the Dimatec "D2" or "D3" would be used to drill a soft, abrasive, unconsolidated formation while a soft, ductile matrix such as the Dimatec "D10" would be used to drill an extremely hard, non-abrasive, consolidated formation. The idea is to match the bit matrix hardness to the formation hardness in order that the metal bond of the matrix layer will erode at a controlled rate during normal drilling operation. This controlled erosion of the matrix layer metal bond will in turn continually expose new layers of sharp synthetic diamonds until the matrix layer of the bit crown is totally consumed.

In addition to our standard range of D-Series impregnated diamond core bit matrices, The Drill Shop also offers the high performance HR-Series range of impregnated diamond matrices.

Dimatec's HR-Series impregnated diamond core bits have been specifically designed for use in Hard Rock drilling applications where formation conditions are generally consolidated and fine grained with high compressive strengths and Mohs hardness values in the 6 to 8 range. Traditionally, it has been necessary to apply higher bit loads when drilling under these conditions in order to achieve acceptable rates of penetration – usually at the expense of overall bit life and premature wear on drill string components.

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