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Survey Equipment

Survey Equipment Survey Equipment Survey Equipment Survey Equipment

The Drillshop is an authorized distributor of the Camteq Instruments range of Downhole Surveying Equipment. We are pleased to announce the release of the PROSHOT DUAL Electronic Multishot Surveying Instrument. Features include access to survey information without the need to remove an outer brass casing, 12 month battery life, memory for up to 500 surveys and room to input hole reference information for each survey. Specifications are as follows:

  • DIMENSIONS: Diameter 35.6mm x Length 770mm, Weight 2.4kg
  • ELECTRONICS: Waterproof. Should water intrusion occur instrument will be replaced provided no attempt has been made to disassemble the probe.
  • RUNNING GEAR: Not included in Kit price: 3x 1.5m "E" Rods and Landing Collars to suit hole size.
  • ACCURACY: Azimuth +/- 0.5 degrees RMS, Dip +/- 0.2 degrees RMS.
  • BATTERY: Non rechargeable Lithium 12 month life.
  • DATA AVAILABLE: Azimuth, Inclination, Magnetic Field, Roll Face, Temperature, Date, Time.
  • USER FUNCTIONS: Hole Reference, Hole Depth.
  • MEMORY CAPACITY: 499+ Surveys.
  • NOTE: Data is transferred wirelessly. No dismantling or unscrewing is required.

In Australia this unit is available for hire from just AUD$35/Day inclusive of insurance, in the event of loss or damage an excess of AUD$2000 applies for instrument replacement. How much are you paying?

In addition to the PROSHOT DUAL the Drillshop also supplies Eastman Cameras, E Rods, Landing Collars and other Consumable Items.

For more information, please Download a Brochure.

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