Casing and Spud Shoes

The Drillshop supplies the Dimatec "Super Duty" impregnated diamond casing shoes and rod shoes that are available for use with all standard DCDMA casing tube sizes and a limited number of wireline drill rod sizes.

The Dimatec "Super Duty" casing shoe is manufactured with a more aggressive matrix layer than the 'D-Series' type and is intended for use in thick overburden layers that may contain boulders.

Dimatec "Super Duty" casing shoes and rod shoes are supplied with a:

  • Modified V-Ring (Style "VC") crown profile.
  • Regular (Style "W") waterway configuration.
  • 0.24 inch (6mm) diamond impregnation depth.

The matrix layer on all sizes of Dimatec "Super Duty" impregnated diamond casing shoes contains mesh-size synthetic diamond crystals that are uniformly distributed and embedded in a powdered metal bond.

Unlike the matrix layer, the backing layer does not contain diamond crystals distributed throughout its volume. The backing layer is also composed of a powdered metal bond material and has good wear resistance properties.

The exposed outside and inside gauge diameter surfaces of this layer are set with a combination of natural mined "kicker" grade diamond and tungsten-carbide wear pads. This gauge setting is considerably more dense than the setting on a comparably sized "D-Series" casing shoe.

These gauge setting materials assist in maintaining the critical gauge diameters throughout the life of the shoe.

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