Diamond Impregnated Core Bits

The Drillshop is pleased to introduce our latest range of core bits to the Australian market, Dimatec's EXTREME XT Series.

The XT Series have been widely tested and proven in some of Western Australia's toughest drilling conditions.

The XT9-10 and XT11-12 have continually outperformed other bit manufacturer's both in terms of productivity and bit life, whilst the tried and proven XT15 is one of the freest cutting bits available on the market, making it the ideal choice for controlled drilling applications.

A unique feature of the XT Series is the resistance to abrasion and ability to successfully advance through highly abrasive and ultra hard rock formations, thereby, reducing overall cost per metre rates and allowing more time spent down the hole productively drilling.

If you require EXTREME performance for your drilling project, look no further than Dimatec's XT Series range of core bits, available from the Drillshop in NQ2, HQWL, HQ3 and PQ3 core bit sizes.

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