Reaming Shells

This "Heavy Duty" type represents Dimatec's premium line of reaming shells.

They are intended for use primarily on wireline core barrel assemblies with drill hole sizes of up to 6 inches (152 mm) in diameter.

The Dimatec "Heavy Duty" reaming shell is manufactured with a full matrix body gauge ring that is cast onto the steel tool body for maximum bond strength and tool integrity. The reaming shell gauge ring features include:

  • Spiral waterway canals that are wider than those on the "D-Series" type and as such reduce the potential for blockage by pebbles or other debris.
  • A tapered leading edge for ease of movement down the drill hole.
  • Placement directly adjacent to the male thread connection to reduce the possibility of abrasive wash-out between the shoulder of the drill bit body and the gauge ring of the reaming shell.

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